Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm Back!!!

Oh Boy!! Can't believe it's been 3 weeks since I last checked into the blog world. Missed everyone…thanks for stopping by. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

I went to Naija for nice long needed vacation and needless to say it's hell trying to get used to being back in the states. It doesn't help that the weather here has been crap. But we shall overcome.....sniff sniff sniff sniff.

So!! About my trip. Just before I left I declared my singledom with as much zealth and enthusiasm to insight a movement - okay I’m reaching there, but you get my point.No no no no...I’m not trying to retract anything I said, but I am going to interject and say life has a way of making you eat your words. I should have figured there's always a lesson lurking in the corner waiting to teach you to not think you are in complete control of everything that happens to you.

If you remember, there was a part of my declaration where I mentioned a Mr. L. Here's a little reminder if you don't remember..."There was only one person after true love I could have seen something with, but there was still something missing. Or maybe it was me missing something? I still have to keep my eye on him - I like to call him Mr. L."

Yes him - he made a very special appearance this trip, but before I spill the beans I’d just like to state, that I had no intentions of rekindling any romance, flame, escapade, rendezvous with anybody past or present. I was simply going to have fun - just like the next person. Naija or shall I say "Lagos" has a lot of suitable young men - at least enough to keep you distracted during your stay, but I for one never expect much as a general rule of thumb. High expectations never live up to the hype. I am a play it by ear, live by the moment kind of chic. If it happens, good! If not, good!

So, on the first day I got into Lagos I ran into Mr. L at a mutual friend’s party. We kept in touch over the year, but about 3 months before my trip I faded into the background. My Singledom made me want to disconnect with male connections I wasn't sure of. He had always been great to me – kind, sweet, mischievous, cheeky, rude and fun. We truly were good friends, but for some reason there was a lot going on when we starting talking so I chucked it up to bad timing and let it be.
The thing is that we could never deny that “something” was there. As a result, it was much easier for us to be the kings of our worlds when we were apart, because I’m sure on a subconscious level we both knew “that thing” would bring us back together – even if it was just a really great friendship.

Needless to say Mr. L had no idea I would be in town so it was lovely seeing his expression when I tapped him on the shoulder. He didn't quite scream (but it sounded close enough), then he picked me up while hugging and spinning me around at the same time – the boy’s got talent. Everyone was looking at our strange and lovely reunion. As soon as he put me down he held my shoulders and pushed me back a little and said "why didn't you tell me you were coming?" Do I tell him "you confuse the shit outta me and I’m not sure about how to classify our friendship or relationship?” Of course I didn't tell him that - I simply smiled and said "I'm here now. What difference does it make?" He looked slightly hurt, but smiled and said "So it's like that ehn!! Not cool, but it's great to see you again." We hung out through out the party catching up like old times, and almost immediately we fell back into place. It was a good night.

I expected nothing even after such a nice night, because I know how people can be. You'll leave that night swearing up and down you'll call and hang out but it'll never happen. He could bloody well have been there with a date or girlfriend. What the hell did I know then? If you haven't noticed I can be a tad bit pessimistic.

Surprisingly though from that day till the day I left Mr. L and I saw and hung out almost everyday. It wasn't planned, but he made his presence known and felt. We went everywhere together - we even joked about how his ladies would be pissed that he's ignored them all Christmas because I unexpectedly appeared. Before anyone misinterprets this "He is single, but I won't assume for one second he chills in Naija waiting for anyone to just drop in. He's an attractive guy - I’d be somewhat weary if he didn't have some play dates." It’s the same way I would hope he doesn’t just pop up where I live. He might catch me on a good day or a bad day. Fortunately, it was a good day for him…hehehe!!

It's a hard story to sum up into a few paragraphs, but the gist of my trip is that I went feeling empowered by my declaration of independence and even though nothing has changed, I was pleasantly surprised by the attention I received from a person who I tried my best to write off. I don't know what's going to happen because I’m so set in my bloody ways it's hard for me to shake off the mindset I’ve acquired over the years. My rules stand as is: No long-distance, no Naija boyfriend (too many horror stories), but as I say that I know there are enough decent Naija guys living in and away from Naija, so I won't generalize and make it an excuse.
I am even more messed up and confused than ever….2007 is proving to be exciting to say the least; but this time around I’m hoping nature really just does its damn thing. It’s not fair that we have to figure this all out by ourselves.

I'll fill you in on what happens, but for now I’m back and still SINGLEEEEEE!!!


Nilla said...

Happy New Year and Welcome back to blogsburg!!!

Looks like your stubborn as I am.
Anyways it's nice to know your not making any more statements you might have to chew....LOL

take care!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Happy new year gorgeous.. i missed you!... awww what a nice suprise eh... Here's to getting exactly what you want this year Maiden.. 2007 is gonna rock!!!

confusednaijagirl said...

welcome back!! i have been waiting for an update oh! dont leave us for so long next time!
Hope it works out for you in 2007!!

Maiden Voyage said...

@Nilla...thanks hon. I can be stubborn, but I like to think more stuck in my ways. I can't guarantee I won't chew my words again, but i'll bloody well try not to. See ya around.

@Overwhelmed: Thanks babes. I missed you to. Amen and Amen...I can't wait for the rest to unfold....anticipating is a motha...cheers hon. Happy New Year!!

@Confused: Thanks sweetie - I will try my best to take my laptop with me the next time I travel, so at least I have constant access. More updates coming up. Might I add that i'm proud of you for doing what you did (wink wink).

londonnaijachic said...

I hope you find what you are looking for. It is good to know what you want before venturing into anything and since you know long distance isn't for you, u should know how to play it safe with Mr L who by the way sounds like a cool guy. Thanks for stopping at my blog and have A nice weekend.

Desola said...

This is juicy! How did i miss your blog?

Calabar Gal said...

Happy New Year and welcome back!!
Glad you had ur fun in naija. As long as u and Mr L made ur positions clear to each other then there should be no misunderstandings over the time u guys spent with each other over the holidays.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

So Mr. L is proving to be a bobo nice, eh?

Maiden Voyage said...

@Londonnaijachic: Thanks hon. Mr. L is definitely the epitome of cool. He has a way about him that still has me saying "Aaaahh!!", but I certainly don't want to start something I can't finish so i'll tread lightly. I really hope everything works out accordingly.

@Desola: Glad you find it juicy. Well now that you've found my blog, please stop by...thanks.

@Calabar gal: Thanks sweetie. Glad to be back. Happy New Year to you to. Mr. L and I needless to say have a simple complex relationship, but we certainly understand each other, so all things being equal we shall continue to be on the same page.

@Cherub: Hey hon - Mr. L if anything is certainly proving to be a great friend. The bobo part we'll have to see. See ya around.

Ms Jade said...

happy new year and welcome to "bloggywood"...l

londonnaijachic said...

UPDATE PLS!!!!!!!!!!!