Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Been Gone too long

I've been MIA for God knows how long. I feel totally out of place right now. I had barely started my voyage when I hit a rough patch of water in blogworld. When your life is going 90mph it's just so difficult to find the time to sit down and write. As I noted one of my blogs, I probably am not an everyday blogger, but as soon as I settle down I will make a concerted effort to be more consistent.

Thanks to those who cared to ask - the reason I’ve been gone so long is because I was moving. Yup!!! I moved back home to Nigeria finally. Believe me; I’m just as surprised as everyone I’ve told. It was most unexpected. I had planned on moving to London at the end of the year not even Nigeria. But an opportunity came around and they said we need you back here ASAP. I got thrown into my first project immediately and spent 3 weeks working. Keep in mind I was only supposed to be in Nigeria for a week. I told my boss in Yankee that I had malaria. Needless to say that was my golden ticket, cause as far as most American's are concerned anything they haven't heard about, or know much about is as good as the "plague." "Oh take your time Maiden, only come back when you feel better and you've been given the proper clearance."

They didn't find it funny when I came back 3 weeks later and gave my resignation letter effective immediately. Their pitiful expressions staring at me like I was dying. Like they knew something extra was lurking behind my resignation. Of course no one dared to ask, but I could have sworn I heard some annoying colleague say "The malaria is probably terminal. That's such a shame." I wanted to say something to her, but I thought better - let them think its terminal. At least that way I don't have to stick around for 2 weeks while they look for someone else. I was thinking of even telling them it's airborne, but I’m not that cold. They would have closed up shop, and called in sick the next day. Talk about panic at the disco (work)…hahaha!!!

Needless to say things have been hectic for me. It's not easy upping and leaving your life and starting anew some place else. Even if that place is familiar Nigeria. Visiting and living here are 2 very different things. I love being home; I love the sun; I love the food, but its pure insanity. It's a big ol’ mess functioning solely because the peeps of Nigeria are resilient M**her F***r’s. I love it; I hate it, but its home. I’m home damn it.

But it's been a challenge and a half. I thought moving my furniture and personal effects would be the most trying part cause I hate moving, but boy was I wrong. I don't think I’ve ever been this sentimental in my life. I didn't realize how used to the states I was. I miss the little things. I miss going to los Burritos on Saturdays for a Grande Burrito (hold the cheese and beans). I miss rushing to target for little knick knacks and spending two hours there cause I just cant help but shop shop. I miss watching American Idols. I miss my condo.

I don't miss the emptiness, I don't miss living to pay my bills, I don't miss worrying about my credit score, I don't miss the rude racist ol mongrels called my neighbours. I certainly don't miss being a minority.

I guess with everywhere and everything there's the good and the bad. I am basking in the choice I have made. I only pray the journey continues to bring new lessons and experiences as it has done so far. I have had many "why the f**k did I move days.” But, I made a choice I have to live with. I would have regretted it more if I didn't take this opportunity.

I would have been chilling in my 2 bedroom condo, with my newly painted denim blue and bailey coloured walls, brand new 37' LCD TV, my kitten Maybeline thinking "why am I here you overly comfortable, complacent idiot?"

So now that I’m back in Lag, I hope I can find my rhythm once again. This place is pure enjoyment mixed in with blazing reality. My social life has finally been revived. I haven’t had such a blast since I was in Uni. Believe me there's lots to write about. Needless to say Mr. L is more than ecstatic I’m back home. That man is such a sweetheart (by any standard). As ignorant as this sounds “I’m pleasantly surprised by the way he lives his life for a Nigerian man.” But all will be revealed in due time. There’s certainly no rush. We'll see where what we have goes. At least now we have absolutely no excuse not to see what lies ahead. I'll check in soon....